When the glowing sun hangs low in the western horizon , When the wind settles away on the mountain , When the song of cuckoo turns stale , When the insects in field click no more, And when the waves in the sea die down, And when the twilight touches the distant lands, I turn […]

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A Tale of the ‘Oppressed’

I thought I was that girl with a plethora of dreams Seething with unadulterated feeling of life, But in reality, I’m reduced to that girl with a rucksack of suppressed words and emotions, And every minuscule second of mine overwhelmed with turmoil, I am that daughter, Let me reminiscence the good old days, I’m that […]

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Marching on !

They kept on throwing me, like a piece of rag out of their way – onto that lonely path that happened to be mine. So I kept travelling, All alone on my own way With every step, a part of me broke off- some love, some sense of happiness, some hope, some dream about what […]

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Water lotus all around The clear pond in a lost jungle, The hoot of the owl heard far Staring at an abandoned boat which floats near us And along the silence , I wait impatiently That she break her stoicness And fall, gently, on to my shoulder Then we may jump onto the old boat […]

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The life of a slave

Good bye to my dear native land, Off on my way to the unknown on the roaring waves, The company of my kin no more, The joy and freedom of childhood long gone, long lost, But now only my tears trickle down all away Torn apart from my children Torn apart from my wife and […]

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Chennai-Bangalore cycling

This is how it started- Two weeks back I decided to cycle to Bangalore from Chennai. Also, I needed some distraction from routine life in general and do something for myself, so I made up my mind to attempt it. Bangalore is about 340kms from Chennai.I checked online to rent a good cycle. I booked […]

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Mahabaratha and its modern day relevance

Mahabaratha is one of the two great epics of Indian literature,  the other being Ramayana of course.It’s a story of a rivalry between two sets of princely cousins which finally culminates into a full-fledged war on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. The ‘Bhagavad Gita’ which is basically a dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna during the battle is considered […]

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I have always been fascinated with the concept of ‘Philosophy’ and how important it has been in the advancements of human civilization. Philosophy is nothing but the evolution of our understanding of the world, our thought process and trying to make sense of our existence and purpose in the world. I also believe India lagged […]