Awaiting spring

Looking back that is all i do right now, along this empty path, in an attempt to hold onto the remains of something which I feel is alive in my head ,but dead in essence Thoughts and memories, they fall  like these leaves, a mix of confusion, beauty and timidness Swept away by the wind, Scattered […]

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Water lotus all around The clear pond in a lost jungle, The hoot of the owl heard far Staring at an abandoned boat which floats near us And along the silence , I wait impatiently That she break her stoicness And fall, gently, on to my shoulder Then we may jump onto the old boat […]

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A journey with a mystery

Time trickles by, and has passed like waves of the ocean Since that moment we first saw each other, But I will never forget the endearment we had together, You are a mystery,with your small eyes and tiny fingers Return , so as to bring meanings only you can impel Protect me over , so […]

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The life of a slave

Good bye to my dear native land, Off on my way to the unknown on the roaring waves, The company of my kin no more, The joy and freedom of childhood long gone, long lost, But now only my tears trickle down all away Torn apart from my children Torn apart from my wife and […]

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Just Love

There she goes my only love with her silky hair to take my breaths away Her eyes brown like the embers, wide like the universe and clear as the glowing sunshine Sweet lips with a mesmerising smile and tender skin A delicate hold from her is what I need to erase my despair As the […]

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The Visitor

There is no answer to it but this cup of opium Surviving and enduring is what a human is Every day a new beginning . A joy, a moodiness, the spitefulness Everything ephemeral but real as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and acknowledge them all Even if they’re a mess of sadness who permeates your home […]

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Chennai-Bangalore cycling

This is how it started- Two weeks back I decided to cycle to Bangalore from Chennai. Also, I needed some distraction from routine life in general and do something for myself, so I made up my mind to attempt it. Bangalore is about 340kms from Chennai.I checked online to rent a good cycle. I booked […]

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Do we have ‘Free Will’?

I have spent considerable time recently in trying to understand ‘Free will’ – whether we humans actually have a choice or our actions determined by external factors. The idea of believing you don’t have a choice is called ‘Determinism’. Now let us take an example. I  go to a restaurant and I’m given a choice […]

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Marching on

They kept on throwing me like a piece of rag out of their way – onto that lonely path that happened to be mine. And so I kept travelling All alone on my own way. With every step, a part of me broke off some love, some sense of happiness, some lost hope, some dream […]

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