How ‘Time Travel’ helps me

Today I’m gonna share a secret, a secret probably everyone wants to understand. Time Travel.

I personally wanted to go back in time. It’s something wish I could do with ease.I have thought ‘ If I go back, I would do this particular thing differently because I know right now what it requires to make it work’. I would have behaved differently with people and situations.I would do better because I know and understand what is required to make it happen.And how did I learn how it works – Ironically, By failing and learning from experiences.

Let’s understand time first.Is time absolute or is it our imagination? Without our mind, the concept of time wouldn’t exist. The only thing real is what we perceive currently. Any thoughts on the past, though perceived by our mind, can’t be felt by the other senses. So, they can’t be real. Similarly, our future would be imaginary by the same logic. What we have with us is the ‘Present’. Once you become cognizant of this simple fact, time travel is like a cake walk.

Have you had regrets that make you want to go to the past and correct them or make it not happen at all? Before we get into that, Let’s go to the future first in your imagination. Let’s understand that your imagination of your future is real because it is in present and you are experiencing it right now. Imagine you have grown old and it’s your last day on earth and you look back at your life and thinking what your regrets are.Maybe you could have been a better son to your mom, did more of things you actually liked, been a better friend, inspired someone or done something revolutionary, acted less selfish, had pets etc. It could be anything. It’s important to realise you can actually make this entire list by just imagining into your future. Why would these specific thoughts of what you would regret in your deathbed come to you when you are actually living in the present? Because these are your present worries based on your past experiences , morals & values and your present thought process. Have you ever hurt someone in your past that you actually cared?I have because I had selfish motives, lack of interest in trying to find or understand the bigger picture or a perspective which was not mine. Now, if I imagine this in future, I would probably berate myself and would think how on earth I did what I did and how could I be so careless and insensitive with something that mattered. Isn’t it funny that my past and imagined future sound so similar? That I already know what my regrets are gonna be when I am on my deathbed. So then, wouldn’t it be right, that rather than travelling to the past and change what I did, I can actually travel to my future, learn from the mistakes and bring them back to my present. This is what it is. Eventually, I want to come to the present. The present is the escape of the misery from past and the worries and regrets of my future. If we appreciate the present, we would be much better off, always ! You made a mistake or hurt someone – learn from it, work on yourself and apologise or correct it if possible. We have the power to make things tangibly right by acting in the present .By going into the future, and understanding my potential regrets, I’m better able to appreciate my life now. I speak more cordially with everyone, I do things I want to do with greater interest, I help my mom better, I value friendships better, I think more clearly, I don’t take people for granted etc. My mind appreciates even the smallest things that it wouldn’t appreciate if I hadn’t travelled to my future and see what I would my life be like .

This is how time travel helped me and is helping me. Hope it helps you too!

Happy new year! 🙂

Also , for those with a similar interest on such topics, you can start with the famous work of Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’

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