A journey with a mystery

Time trickles by, and has passed like waves of the ocean

Since that moment we first saw each other,

But I will never forget the endearment we had together,

You are a mystery,with your small eyes and tiny fingers

Return , so as to bring meanings only you can impel

Protect me over , so your gaze mildly persists

Allow me relish this moment that I always seeked

You are not cognizant that when you are near

A mighty tranquility descends to extirpate my agony,

Like the silence of the vast night

All my worry would vanish for the faintest smile of yours

I believe that you are muffled up in magic,

A magic only I feel because only I believe

Your anger is like a childs innocence

Hearing you burble little and sweet,

As you shatter the depthless water

With your graceful feet

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