Awaiting spring

Looking back

that is all i do right now,

along this empty path,

in an attempt to hold onto the remains

of something

which I feel is alive in my head ,but dead in essence

Thoughts and memories,

they fall  like these leaves,

a mix of confusion, beauty and timidness

Swept away by the wind,

Scattered in a mess

Either way, they can be trampled upon,

leaves crushed with a meaningless crunch.

I see a melon carved

Into a weird smiling scarecrow

remembering that time

when laughter co existed with harmony and friendship

Now, I am not sure anymore

Because how can something

that had so much hope, so lively and green

Change ?

But the answer is obvious

I only need to look at them

For these leaves fall with seasons

So does our relationships

Soon enough,

I will be staring at those skies

Waiting for spring ,

So that these leaves blossom once again

And so does my capacity to love again

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